Ready to win some delicious NANO?

Games last ~1 minute. Win up to 500x your bet!

Faucet Game
  • Free entry
  • Small prizes
  • Bots and Humans
Low-Stakes game
  • 0.05 NANO buy-in
  • Win up to 25 NANO
  • Humans only

How it works

  • Last player alive wins!

    Lucky boxes have smaller prizes

  • The darkness kills

    But is sometimes your best option.

  • Boxes provide health

    AND change your color.
    (, top4, )

  • < 25HP is critical

    One more hit and you're out.

  • Collision Rules

    wins against
    wins against
    wins against

  • Winner steals 50%

    of loser's health.

  • Controls

    Aim with mouse to move
    Left-click to Boost (-25% health)