• Last player alive wins!

    Lucky boxes have smaller prizes

  • The darkness kills

    But is sometimes your best option.

  • Boxes provide health

    AND change your color.
    ( , , )

  • Controls

    Aim with mouse to move.
    Left-click to Boost (-25% health)


Trying to connect to game server...


Mobile instructions

apple landscape logo

Lock phone in portrait mode from control center.

Tap the playscreen to start!

andriod landscape logo

Rotate your phone to start playing!

Touch controls

Tap and drag to start moving.
Tap your other finger to boost.

landscape logo

Game Rules

  • Collision Rules

    wins against
    wins against
    wins against

  • Winner steals 50%

    of loser's health.

  • Track your progress

    by linking your Discord

    Earn 25% extra!

    and track stats
    by linking your Discord